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23 Feb. 07

NEWS!! In case you're not in the facebook group. STANDARD DEVIATION is holding the first centennial "Drunk Dog Shaming Contest!". If you're an artist, or just like to take markers to parties, SEND ME AN EMAIL TO ENTER. You will recieve back a link to an image of Ruddy to shame. The winning entry will be posted, along with some other stuff maybe. Do your worst! Last entry must be in by this monday.

The Dick is back. Hopefully I can get back on the plotlines that I planted a while ago. And also, thanks for all the interest so far in the contest, it should be interesting who comes out a winner.

In other news, we will be switching hosting services soon, probably very soon. The url will be the same, but there may be a few days where the website is down during the big switch. This should bring alot of new features and possibilities, and I'm real excited about it. And now for--

Today's Quotes:

Kurtis - "Man, when I first looked at that motorcycle, there was a man driving. When I looked a second time, there was a woman driving. But when I looked a third time, there were two people on it." (he then gave his 'Kurtis Expression', which is basically a face that says, "Yea, I just said something important that everyone needed to hear.") Then, without missing a beat, Brian responds, "Crazy story, Kurtis."

-Thanks to Cary who sent in a few good quotes you'll be seeing more of.

Well thats it for me, have a great weekend!



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